This is a bold statement to make, so let me explain.

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Yes, it’s true. I did become a single mother twice in these last two years. But how could that be?

Let’s start from the beginning. My marriage started in a whirlwind. First, I was pregnant with my daughter as I wobbled down the aisle donning a white strapless dress. This, of course, wasn’t my ideal wedding but I didn’t want to have another baby out of wedlock.

So, we went to a wedding while I was pregnant. I was going to get married to my now husband anyway. …

Where to go when you have no one to talk to about your writing

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One thing about freelancing is that it is a long and lonely road. There is no one to share in your successes. No one to pat you on the back once you finished that dreadful article to meet the client’s tight deadline.

Even your partner doesn’t really understand it, unless they are a writer themselves. They can be happy for you, sure, but they don’t really get it. They don’t truly know what it means for your business when you are getting more and more orders. Or if a client is being difficult.

Where do you turn to find likeminded…

A Poem and note from the author

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The calmness of the morning
Brings hope of a new day
Forthcoming is the glory
Bestowing is the rain
Cleanse thyself,
for the world will soon end
Rely on the Devine power
That God has given
Though trial may come
Remind yourself of this
The holy one above controls
All that is

Note from author:

It’s hard to remember that things can and will get better, especially when you are in the heart of the storm. I believe in the power of God and that he is in control of everything. …

When did you discover you had depression?

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Did your parents take you to a disclosed location in the hopes you would divulge your entire heart’s desire to a complete stranger? Or did a teacher bring you down to the office, to have the counselor try to make you feel like they understood why you talked about killing yourself to your friends? I knew that nasty disease had me after the death of my mother.

Depression comes in all forms. It is not a free-standing disease that is a generic ritual of symptoms for everyone. …

It’s that time of the month. The one we as women dread: the visit from Aunt Flow.

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As you prepare for the inevitable, you gather the regular necessities, such as pads, tampons, and maybe a change of underwear (sometimes they can be messy). There is another option you may not have heard of, though. Have you ever considered using a menstrual cup?

I was not familiar with this additional menstruation option until I was stocking feminine products at a prior job. I stood, reading the back of the box, figuring out what it even was. Simply put, a menstrual cup collects the flow from your menstruation. You have to insert it far up your, um, privates. …

A poem

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Why don’t you laugh with me like that?
You make everyone else feel welcome,
Yet when you turn your head to face the dissolving fizzle that once held strong in my water,
You get angry,
letting the fizzle continue to dissolve further.
I’m pushing you away further without any merger.

You make me sick.
The way you hold a pretentious shrine to that of candlelight that shows a slight shadow of who I once was before you cared,
before you dared to notice that you loved me.
Your love is dangerous.

It’s like a cancer quietly eating away at my…

Thank you. That is a good point. It's nice to know I am dealing with it now. It has to get better. Doing nothing means nothing will happen, good or bad.

It was not easy to ask for help.

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There is no pretending. I have always struggled with my mental health. I mean, who wouldn’t when the only mom you ever knew died when you were nine years old. Then, five years later the only dad you knew is dead, too.

Ever since my mother’s death, I had a profound grip on what depression is. While it was fairly intense at times, even resulting in me telling my middle school friends I was going to kill myself, I dealt with it in silence. I never openly told anyone I needed help.

A Poem

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From a distance I thought I saw you today.
Your diminished self that I always looked down upon because I stand a few feet higher.
Yet, even in your little stature, the control you held over me was deafening.
It rocked me, swaying me from the beginning of our season to the end.
Was it you today that I saw searching through the shoes?
I quickly glanced at you and scurried away,
like I was still a wounded dog waiting for their master to help them.
Your hat sat on your head, cool in design with its backward placement,
even though you had a history older than my…

Mary Jones

Mary is a creative writer. She writes a lot of poetry, some scripts, and a few short stories. Her inspiration is depression or happiness, depending on the day.

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