This is a bold statement to make, so let me explain.

Yes, it’s true. I did become a single mother twice in these last two years. But how could that be?

Let’s start from the beginning. My marriage started in a whirlwind. First, I was pregnant with my daughter as I wobbled down the aisle donning a white strapless dress. This, of course, wasn’t my ideal wedding but I didn’t want to have another baby out of wedlock.

So, we went to a wedding while I was pregnant. I was going to get married to my now husband anyway. …

A Poem

I followed my heart into the crevices that lie underneath a basement
of possibilities.

There was no way to figure out how to find the steps from the bottom to succeed,
even as I craved for the steps to appear.
I stumbled in the dark because the basement had no light,
and no one was beside me to help me.
My two mirrors of love left in the middle of day,
taking the light out of my innocence.
Any perpetual smile I had was thrown into a jewel casket and laid with their
physical structure.

I escaped through a window…

I realized I was writing in a passive voice

I decided to make the leap and buy the premium version of Grammarly. Being a full-time writer, I felt I needed something to help me write the best I can. I was using the free version for a few years and have enjoyed it immensely. It helped me check basic spelling and grammar errors I missed during the editing process.

Grammarly premium excels in going into detail about what you are writing. I quickly learned how much I was writing with a passive voice, and in the writing world, that is widely unacceptable.

The premium version gives you examples of…

It works, but there’s some caveats

I got pregnant back to back, so when I went back to the doctor for my checkup after having my daughter, I knew I wanted to discuss getting on birth control. I didn’t want another surprise baby.

There are so many different choices to make now. I always used birth control pills, but I wasn’t consistent with taking them. So, I wanted to see what other options there were for me.

My doctor suggested getting a birth control implant in my arm. That scared me, so I went with his other suggestion: an IUD.

Does Insertion Hurt?

I am among the nearly 10…

Variety is the key to keeping a steady income flowing

I’ve officially been a full-time freelance writer for almost three months now. It feels so good to say that.

Most of my jobs prior were in retail and customer service. They were not my dream jobs. I always knew there was something bigger for me. At the time, I was working as a supervisor at Walmart. I hated it. I have always had a passion for writing. That’s the only thing I do well. So, I began searching for ways to make money with writing.

I was introduced to freelance writing back in 2014 when I applied for a writer…

My followers were not real

Medium has really been trying to clean things up throughout the platform. When they sent out the notice of their being a potential drop in followers because of the boot on all the bots, I was not expecting to see my follower numbers drop much.

I was wrong.

I quickly learned I had over 100 bots accouting for my 500 something followers. I was sad to learn that there were so many fakes that I was sending my writing to. …

A Prose Poem

Do you blatantly dismiss what you’ve failed to do?
Wrapping time and torture into a balloon.
A portion of the air that slips out in spurts
doesn’t give you enough oxygen breathe deep
So you will be able to work on nothing and everything
Everyday toiling at the same mundane purpose
To please and appease the ones you’ve never met

What is your dream?
To be this all your life?
Jumping through the hoops in a circus that you didn’t agree to perform in, They squeeze that hoop smaller and smaller,
Without giving you an inch to grow
Where do you go now?
You are…

Absolutely! Thank you. Moms rock. We are the backbone of the family. We need more recognition and more time to write.

Making Time For Your Writing Is Important

As a writer and a mom to three, finding time for myself, let alone writing, is tough. Sometimes, it feels almost impossible to get anything done when I am running after my very active daughter, cleaning up messes, and trying to fix dinner in-between. Most days are hectic but I have made it my mission lately to get more serious about my writing.

I’m not talking about writing for clients. I’m talking about the writing that is for you. Writing that is important to you, things that you want to write, whether that is for your blog, a script, or…

I excel at waiting until the last minute

When I have to get things done, I don’t. I will wait until the last god forsaken moment I have to do it and then stress to get it done in time.

This is not the way to excel in anything in life, especially when you are a writer. Yet, could it be?

I find that when I rush to meet a deadline, I am writing the fastest I can. It has shown me how fast I can create a blog post or article. …

Mary Jones

Mary is a creative writer. She writes a lot of poetry, some scripts, and a few short stories. Her inspiration is depression or happiness, depending on the day.

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